Friday, February 10, 2012

Gender Fits in Fashion Week 2012

The newest, hottest trend this year in Fashion Week is fitting women for menswear!  Funny how in Shakespeare's age he would have male actors play women's roles.  Is this the way Fashion will continue in future years?  Let me know how you feel about this new trend...

Friday, February 3, 2012


Wow, where has the football season gone? No matter who you are gunning for, the game is a great reason to being people together, old friends, new friends, family and some times even complete strangers. 
So how do you prepare for this type of gathering? 
One suggestion would be to start off with is make it fun and easy.  Buy large bags of pretzels and chips to fill up large bowls. 
Get the THEME on!  
Go out to the dollar store and buy the football shaped serving platters.  Check out the Special deals that so many markets are doing for just this weekend.  But think about everyone.  Instead of asking people what they eat make sure that you have something for everyone!  Think about veges and healthy snacks, it is after all the season to be getting fit from the New Year's resolutions!  One thing to always keep in mind as the host is make it easy for yourself!  Don't be in the kitchen for the entire game make sure you are with your guests and having as much fun as they are!

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